BMW i3: A Sophisticated and Hi-Tech Electric Car

BMW i3: A Sophisticated and Hi-Tech Electric Car


Greetings, dedicated readers! In this piece, we'll explore the BMW i3, a cutting-edge and technologically advanced electrical vehicle. Initially Imported in 2013, the BMW i3 marked BMW's debut in mass-producing electric vehicles. Arranged with a range of advanced features and technologies, it stands out as an excellent alternative for those in search of a secure, luxurious, and environmentally conscious electric car.

The BMW i3 boasts a distinctive and forward-thinking design. Constructed with a carbon fiber body, it achieves a remarkable balance of lightness and strength. Within its spacious and cozy cabin, you'll find modern amenities such as a sizable touchscreen and an advanced navigation system.

The BMW i3 presents itself in two distinct variants: the BMW i3 (60 Ah), boasting a range of up to 130 km, and the BMW i3 (94 Ah), offering an extended range of up to 200 km. Additionally, there exists a Range Extender version of the BMW i3, featuring a compact gasoline engine functioning as a generator to augment the car's overall range.

This discussion will comprehensively explore various facets of the BMW i3, including its exterior and interior design, performance metrics and specifications, features and technological aspects, safety components, available color choices, pricing details, and the author's unique analysis. If you harbor an interest in this avant-garde electric vehicle, your engagement with this article is highly recommended!

Brief Review

TThe BMW i3 stands as a cutting-edge and technologically advanced electric car, featuring a distinctive and forward-thinking design, an expansive and comfortable interior, an array of advanced features and technologies, commendable performance, and an all-encompassing set of safety features.

or individuals in pursuit of a secure, comfortable, and environmentally conscious electric vehicle, the BMW i3 emerges as an excellent and compelling choice.

History of BMW Electric Cars

BMW has a lengthy track record in the progression of electric vehicles. The history of BMW electric cars features significant milestones:

  • In 1972, BMW introduced the BMW 1602 Elektro, marking the brand's inaugural venture into electric car production. However, this model had a limited production run and was not made available to the general public. Propelled by an electric motor producing 32 hp and 73 Nm of torque, the BMW 1602 Elektro boasted a range of up to 60 km on a single charge.
  • In 2011, BMW introduced the BMW ActiveE, an electric car manufactured in limited quantities and leased exclusively to selected customers. This model employed an electric motor with a power output of 170 hp and 250 Nm of torque, offering a range of up to 160 km on a single charge.
  • Subsequently, in 2013, BMW launched the BMW i3 as their inaugural mass-produced electric car. Featuring an electric motor generating 170 hp and 250 Nm of torque, the BMW i3 provided a range of up to 130 km on a single charge. Additionally, the BMW i3 was made available in a Range Extender version, equipped with a compact gasoline engine serving as a generator to extend the vehicle's overall range.
  • In 2017, BMW introduced the BMW i3s, positioned as a high-performance variant of the BMW i3. Sporting an electric motor with an output of 184 hp and 270 Nm of torque, the BMW i3s showcased a range of up to 160 km on a single charge.
  • Moving forward to 2022, BMW declared their decision to cease the production of the BMW i3 in July of that year. Nevertheless, BMW remains committed to advancing and manufacturing other electric vehicles, exemplified by models like the BMW i4 and BMW iX.

Renowned for its pioneering role in electric vehicle development, BMW has achieved significant success with the BMW i3, contributing to the brand's ascent as a key player in the electric vehicle market.


The BMW i3 showcases a distinctive and avant-garde exterior design, highlighted by several noteworthy features:

  • Streamlined and aerodynamic body: Characterized by a low drag coefficient, the BMW i3 boasts a sleek and aerodynamic body, contributing to reduced air resistance and enhanced fuel efficiency.
  • Dynamic lines and angles: Sharp lines and angles imbue the BMW i3 with a contemporary and sporty aesthetic, enhancing its modern appearance.
  • Distinctive LED headlights: The BMW i3 is equipped with unique LED headlights that not only provide futuristic illumination but also contribute to its overall modern appeal.
  • Enclosed front grille: Featuring an enclosed front grille, the BMW i3 prioritizes aerodynamic efficiency, aiding in the reduction of air resistance.
  • Diverse color options: The BMW i3 offers a spectrum of color choices, encompassing blue, white, black, silver, red, green, and orange, allowing for personalized expression in its aesthetic presentation.

The BMW i3 showcases an unparalleled and futuristic exterior design, ensuring it stands out distinctively among other vehicles on the road.

  • With its low drag coefficient, the BMW i3 strategically minimizes air resistance, contributing to improved fuel efficiency and overall performance.
  • Highlighted by sharp lines and angles, the BMW i3 exudes a contemporary and sporty appearance, adding to its modern aesthetic.
  • The distinctive LED headlights not only provide futuristic illumination but also enhance the car's overall modern and progressive look.
  • The enclosed front grille serves a dual purpose, contributing to the BMW i3's aerodynamic efficiency by minimizing air resistance.
  • Available in a diverse range of color options, the BMW i3 allows for personalization, enabling you to choose the color that resonates best with your individuality and style.

Take a closer look at the captivating exterior of the BMW i3 through the accompanying images.

BMW i3 blue
BMW i3 white
BMW i3 Black
BMW i3 Silver

What are your impressions? Are you a fan of the BMW i3's exterior design?


The BMW i3 offers a capacious and inviting cabin, ensuring ample headroom and legroom for occupants. Delve into some notable interior features of the BMW i3:

  • Opulent leather seats: The BMW i3 is furnished with opulent leather seats, delivering a blend of luxury and comfort.
  • Premium audio experience: Immerse yourself in the BMW i3's premium audio system, producing clear and robust sound quality for an enhanced driving experience.
  • Expansive 10.25-inch touchscreen: he BMW i3 showcases a sizable 10.25-inch touchscreen display, serving as a control center for various car features, including navigation, entertainment, and climate control.
  • Minimalist interior aesthetics: Embracing a minimalist interior design, the BMW i3 exhibits clean and uncluttered lines, fostering a contemporary and open ambiance.

In summary, the BMW i3 boasts a roomy and cozy cabin adorned with top-notch interior features.

  • Indulge in the luxurious and comfortable ambiance offered by the BMW i3's high-quality leather seats.
  • Elevate your auditory experience with the crisp and powerful sound quality emanating from the BMW i3's premium audio system.
  • Effortlessly manage various car features using the BMW i3's expansive 10.25-inch touchscreen display.
  • Immerse yourself in a modern and airy atmosphere created by the BMW i3's minimalist interior design.

Explore some images showcasing the interior of the BMW i3:

Interior BMW i3 Black
Interior BMW i3 White
Interior BMW i3 Blue

What are your thoughts on the BMW i3's interior design?

Moreover, the BMW i3 is furnished with an array of interior features, including:

  • Panoramic Glass Roof: Revel in an expansive and luminous view of the sky with the available panoramic glass roof in the BMW i3.
  • Power-Adjustable Front Seats: Customize your driving experience with the power-adjustable front seats, ensuring you find the most comfortable position.
  • Multifunction Steering Wheel: The BMW i3's steering wheel boasts various control buttons, providing convenient access to different car features without removing your hands from the wheel.
  • Automatic Climate Control System: Enjoy personalized comfort with the BMW i3's automatic climate control system, allowing you to set the cabin temperature to your preference.

With its extensive and high-quality interior features, the BMW i3 ensures a remarkably comfortable and pleasurable driving journey.

Performance and Specifications

The BMW i3 is available in two variants: the BMW i3 (60 Ah) and the BMW i3 (94 Ah). Here are the performance and specifications for each variant:

Variant Electric Motor: 0-100 km/h acceleration Top speed Range
BMW i3 (60 Ah):/td> Electric Motor: 170 hp and 250 Nm 7.2 seconds 150 km/h 130 km (WLTP)
BMW i3 (94 Ah): 184 hp and 270 Nm 6.9 seconds 160 km/h 200 km (WLTP)
BMW i3 Range Extender: 170 hp and 250 Nm 7.2 seconds 150 km/h 300 km (WLTP)

The BMW i3 exhibits commendable performance for everyday use, featuring swift acceleration and a reasonably high top speed.

  • Its electric motor delivers instant torque, ensuring quick acceleration.
  • With a top speed of 150 km/h (or 160 km/h for the 94 Ah variant), the BMW i3 is well-suited for highway driving.
  • Additionally, its range of 130 km (or 200 km for the 94 Ah variant) proves ample for most daily commutes.

Moreover, the distance it can cover, reaching 130 km (or 200 km for the 94 Ah variant), is sufficient for the majority of daily commutes.

BMW i3 In Accelerating
BMW i3 In Highway
BMW i3 Parking in the City with another BMW

What are your impressions concerning the capabilities and specifications of the BMW i3?

Additionally, this electric vehicle comes equipped with various additional performance and safety features, including:

  • Energy Recuperation System: The electric vehicle is fitted with an energy recuperation system that efficiently captures kinetic energy during deceleration, utilizing it to recharge the battery.
  • Traction and Stability Control: Featuring traction control and stability control, the BMW i3 ensures vehicle stability during acceleration and cornering, enhancing overall driving safety.
  • Comprehensive Airbag System: rioritizing safety, the BMW i3 is furnished with front, side, and curtain airbags, offering robust protection to occupants in case of a collision.

With its commendable performance and an extensive array of safety features, the BMW i3 delivers a driving experience that is not only enjoyable but also secure.

Features and Technology

The BMW i3 is furnished with an array of cutting-edge features and technologies, showcasing some key highlights:

  • Expansive 10.25-inch touchscreen: The BMW i3 boasts a generously sized 10.25-inch touchscreen display, facilitating easy control over various car functionalities such as the navigation system, entertainment features, and climate control.
  • State-of-the-art navigation system: The BMW i3 comes equipped with an advanced navigation system, ensuring accurate and detailed directions. This sophisticated system also provides real-time traffic updates and aids in locating nearby parking spaces for added convenience.
  • Top-notch entertainment system: The BMW i3 is equipped with a premium entertainment system, ensuring a clear and robust audio experience. This advanced system offers various entertainment choices, including radio, CD/DVD player, and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Rearview camera: For improved parking precision and safety, the BMW i3 features a rearview camera. The camera projects a clear view of the area behind the car onto the touchscreen display.
  • Parking sensors at the front and rear: Enhancing parking convenience, the BMW i3 is fitted with both front and rear parking sensors. These sensors emit audible warnings when objects are in close proximity to your vehicle.
  • Adaptive cruise control: The BMW i3 is equipped with adaptive cruise control, enabling automatic speed adjustment. This system also ensures a safe distance is maintained from the vehicle in front.
  • Lane departure warning: To enhance driving safety, the BMW i3 incorporates a lane departure warning system. This feature alerts the driver if there is a deviation from the designated lane without the use of the turn signal.
  • Automatic emergency braking: Prioritizing safety, the BMW i3 is equipped with an automatic emergency braking system. This feature autonomously applies the brakes upon detecting a potential collision risk.

Featuring an array of cutting-edge elements, the BMW i3 ensures a driving experience seamlessly melding comfort, safety, and enjoyment.

  • The user-friendly, expansive touchscreen in the BMW i3 effortlessly grants access to a diverse range of features.
  • Navigation is simplified by the state-of-the-art system seamlessly integrated into the BMW i3.
  • Indulge in superb audio quality and diverse entertainment with the BMW i3's premium entertainment system.
  • Parking maneuvers become stress-free with the aid of the BMW i3's rearview camera and parking sensors.
  • Elevate on-road safety through the BMW i3's adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning systems.
  • The automatic emergency braking system stands as a crucial safeguard in the BMW i3, averting potential accidents.

Experience the BMW i3's prowess through showcased visuals, highlighting its cutting-edge features.

BMW i3 using the navigation system
BMW i3 using the parking camera
BMW i3 using the adaptive cruise control

What are your thoughts on the innovative features and technologies incorporated into the BMW i3?

Safety Features

Safety Aspects The BMW i3 is furnished with an array of advanced safety components. Here are some of them:

  • Front, side, and curtain airbags: Ensuring occupant protection, the BMW i3 is equipped with front, side, and curtain airbags in the event of an accident.
  • Traction control and stability control: Enhancing stability during acceleration and cornering, the BMW i3 features traction control and stability control.
  • ABS and EBD brakes: Preventing wheel lock-up during braking and maintaining stability, the BMW i3 comes with ABS and EBD brakes.
  • Run-flat tires: Enabling continued driving after a tire puncture, the BMW i3 is fitted with run-flat tires.
  • Strong body structure: Prioritizing occupant safety in collisions, the BMW i3 boasts a sturdy body structure.

What are your thoughts on the cutting-edge safety measures incorporated into the BMW i3?

  • Security Aspects The BMW i3 provides an exceptionally secure driving experience with its innovative safety features.
  • The BMW i3's airbags, encompassing front, side, and curtain protection, offer superior safety for occupants during a collision.
  • Utilizing traction control and stability control systems, the BMW i3 ensures car stability, minimizing the risk of accidents.
  • The BMW i3's ABS and EBD brakes maintain stability during braking, preventing skidding.
  • Equipped with run-flat tires, the BMW i3 enables continued driving after a tire puncture, enhancing on-road confidence.

Benefiting from a robust body structure, the BMW i3 prioritizes occupant safety in collision scenarios.

BMW i3 airbags deploying
BMW i3 using traction control
BMW i3 using ABS brakes

What is your opinion on the state-of-the-art safety features integrated into the BMW i3?

Supplementary Safety Characteristics In addition to the standard safety aspects, the BMW i3 is enriched with extra safety functionalities, including:

  • Forward collision warning: The BMW i3 is equipped with a forward collision warning system that notifies you of potential collision risks.
  • Automatic emergency braking: Boasting automatic emergency braking, the BMW i3 autonomously triggers the brakes upon detecting a potential collision.
  • Blind spot monitoring system: The BMW i3 features a blind spot monitoring system that alerts you if another vehicle occupies your blind spot.

With these advanced safety attributes, the BMW i3 cements its status as one of the safest electric cars on the road.

Color Options

The BMW i3 presents a spectrum of captivating color choices, including:

  • Estoril Blue: A vibrant and attention-grabbing metallic blue shade, perfect for those seeking to make a bold statement on the road.
  • Alpine White: A timeless and sophisticated solid white hue, ideal for those desiring a clean and understated appearance.
  • Sapphire Black: A luxurious and enigmatic metallic black color, suitable for individuals aiming for a sporty and assertive aesthetic.
  • Glacier Silver: A contemporary and chic metallic silver shade, ideal for those aspiring to achieve a futuristic and elegant demeanor.
  • Melbourne Red: A daring and lively metallic red color, perfect for those desiring a sporty and dynamic presence.
  • Fluid Green: An exclusive and eye-catching metallic green color, tailor-made for those embracing an eco-friendly and distinctive style.
  • Solar Orange: A vibrant and cheerful metallic orange shade, ideal for those seeking an energetic and optimistic vibe.

Offering a range of color choices, the BMW i3 allows you to select the one that aligns with your personal taste and style.

  • The BMW i3 exudes a sense of style and modernity across its various color options.
  • These colors harmonize seamlessly with the BMW i3's futuristic design.
  • Displayed below are images of the BMW i3 showcasing its diverse color palette:

    BMW i3 in Estoril Blue
    BMW i3 in Alpine White
    BMW i3 Black
    BMW i3 in Glacier Silver
    BMW i3 in Melbourne Red
    BMW i3 in Fluid Green
    BMW i3 in Solar Orange

    What are your impressions? Do you appreciate the color choices available for the BMW i3?

    From my perspective, the BMW i3 exhibits an impressive visual appeal in each of its color variations, perfectly complementing the car's forward-thinking design.


    The cost of the BMW i3 is subject to variation based on the chosen variant and features. The BMW i3 (60 Ah) initiates at $49,900, the BMW i3 (94 Ah) at $56,900, and the BMW i3 Range Extender at $63,900.

    Here's a breakdown of the BMW i3 prices in US dollars:

    Variant Price
    BMW i3 (60 Ah) $49,900
    BMW i3 (94 Ah) $56,900
    BMW i3 Range Extender $63,900

    It's important to note that these figures represent the base prices and exclude taxes, delivery expenses, and other supplementary fees. For contrast, in Indonesia, the BMW i3 prices are as follows:

    Variant Price
    BMW i3 (60 Ah) Rp 699,000,000
    BMW i3 (94 Ah) Rp 799,000,000
    BMW i3 Range Extender Rp 899,000,000

    Consequently, the BMW i3 is more affordable in the United States compared to Indonesia.

    Author's Analysis

    The BMW i3 stands out as a sophisticated and cutting-edge electric vehicle, providing a blend of advanced features, a unique design, and commendable performance. Below, I outline the merits and demerits of the BMW i3:


    • Distinctive and futuristic design
    • Spacious and comfortable cabin
    • Incorporation of advanced features and technologies
    • Good overall performance
    • Decent range, particularly suitable for city driving
    • Zero emissions


    • Elevated price point
    • Constricted range for long-distance journeys
    • Limited charging infrastructure

    In summary, the BMW i3 proves to be an outstanding electric car, featuring advanced technologies and a distinctive design. Its commendable performance and suitable city driving range add to its appeal. However, prospective buyers should weigh these advantages against the high price and limited charging infrastructure.

    If you seek a sophisticated, technologically advanced, and environmentally conscious electric car, the BMW i3 presents an attractive choice. Nevertheless, careful consideration of the pricing and charging infrastructure is advised.

    In my perspective, the BMW i3 emerges as a commendable electric car, offering advanced features, a unique design, and satisfactory performance for city driving. While the high price and charging limitations should be acknowledged, the overall package makes the BMW i3 a worthwhile contender in the electric vehicle market.

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    The BMW i3 stands as an exemplary electric car, seamlessly blending advanced features, cutting-edge technologies, and a distinctive futuristic design. Designed for those valuing safety, comfort, and eco-friendliness, the BMW i3 delivers on multiple fronts.

    Key Features:

    • Innovative Design: The BMW i3's unique and futuristic exterior design ensures it commands attention on the road, setting it apart in the electric vehicle landscape.
    • Spacious Interior: Offering a roomy cabin with ample space for passengers and cargo, the BMW i3 prioritizes comfort without compromising practicality.
    • Technological Marvel: Packed with cutting-edge features, including a sizable touchscreen display, premium audio system, and an array of driver assistance systems, the BMW i3 delivers a tech-forward driving experience.
    • Performance Excellence: Boasting impressive performance metrics, the BMW i3 accelerates swiftly with a top speed of 150 km/h (or 160 km/h for the 94 Ah variant).
    • Decent Range: Practicality meets range with the BMW i3's capability of covering up to 130 km (or 200 km for the 94 Ah variant) on a single charge, catering to various driving needs.
    • Safety Assurance: Prioritizing driver and passenger safety, the BMW i3 incorporates a comprehensive suite of safety features, including airbags, traction control, and stability control.

    In summary, the BMW i3 emerges as a premier choice among electric cars, seamlessly integrating performance, technology, and safety. For those seeking an all-encompassing electric driving experience, the BMW i3 proves to be a standout option.

    Author: indrap.biz.id